Keyboard Ninja

About The Event

How familiar are you with Mr. QWERTY UIOP? Do you know what happens when you press the shift key one too many times? Do you know what shortcuts can be used to quickly navigate through your system? Keyboard Ninja is an event meant to push your mastery over the keyboard to its limit. Victory is just a few clicks away!

Event Details

Preliminary round:
- Typing the answers of the puzzles/clues within the stipulated time
- Time limit: 30 minutes.
- Questions will be based on basic computer science and keyboard - related concepts.
- The highest scoring individuals will be selected for the next round.
Blindfold (Hidden keys) (Second round):
- Typing the given paragraph within the allotted time.
Really Ninja (Third round):
- Typing a paragraph while listening to audio.

Rules And Regulations

- It’s an individual event.
- Use of any electronic gadgets leads to disqualification.
- Any kind of foul play by any participant will lead to disqualification.
- The event organizers’ decision will be final in all matters.

Judgement Criteria

Each round will have its own judging criteria. For the 2nd and 3rd rounds, judgement will be based on the completion of the task, accuracy and speed in typing with proper punctuations.

Organizers Details

Deepthi Pai
+91 9632120598

Padmini M.R
+91 9481762640

Ramya Hande
+91 9743412312

Sharanya V Nayak
+91 9449663948