About The Event

Movies are our portals to parallel universes. What if you could create your own universe? Do you think you have what it takes to be a good cinematographer? Do you think you can hold your own in front of a camera? Do you have an eye for quality? Head over to “Kalakaar” and find out.

Event Details

A theme will be given to the participating teams on the first day of the fest. The rules governing the event will be announced on the spot. On the final day of the fest, the short movie will be collected by the organizers. It will be then be played and the judgement process takes place.

Rules And Regulations

- The teams are required to register globally. On spot registrations are also accepted.
- A team can have a maximum of 10 participants who should necessarily be from the same college.
- There could be any number of teams per college.
- The theme of the movie that is to be made will be given on the spot.
- The movie should be shot within NMAMIT campus and has to be submitted to the organizers.
- The duration of the movie should not exceed 7 minutes.
- It should not involve any offensive languages or scenario.
- The decision of the organizers is final.
- The movie can be shot on any camera restricting to 720p to 1080p
- The movie must be submitted to the organizers on the last day of IN'19.

Judgement Criteria

- Concept and content of the movie.
- Execution of the movie.
- Scripting, editing, direction and acting.

Organizers Details

Prakash Pai
+91 7996023326

Dhanush Naik
+91 9686716867

Karan Shetty
+91 9845034665

+91 9880617511

Prajwal B
+91 7019836307

Nishanth S
+91 9148852780