Just A Minute (JAM)

About The Event

Just a minute (JAM) is a fun event where you get to flaunt your communication skills maximum. Can you make it through straight 60seconds of speaking without any jerks while your opponents wait to pounce over you? Do you have what it takes to be at the pressure and silence your opponents? If yes, it's your cup of tea.

Event Details

- Individual event.
- The participants are required to speak sensibly on the topic for a minute.

Rules And Regulations

- Participants must speak fluently. Try not to stutter, stammer, speak too fast or be incoherent.
- Start with the words of the topic only when the topic is given to you.
- Unnecessary emphasis on words, grammatical errors is objectionable.
- Cannot start with gerunds.
- Don't waste time with unnecessary words (Time wasting tactics like "As I had already mentioned").
- You cannot quote some other person/material (Like John Lennonsong containing "Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans.").
- Pay attention and try to identify the opponents' mistakes.
- Late starts, early starts can be caught.
- No repetition of ideas/no stealing others ideas.
- Make sense.
- The jam master’s decision is final. You may try to convince him but not argue with his decision.

Organizers Details

Amulya Shety
+91 8105352915

Vishnu P
+91 8762679816

Shreyas Suvarna
+91 9740423392

Abhishek Narayanan
+91 966316830