About The Event

Intellectium is all about how you bring out your creativity on paper. It is an event to showcase your presentation skills by writing an original paper on any research topic related to Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Information Science Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Biotechnology. This is the best platform to enhance one’s intellect.

Event Details

The paper presentation should be in the IEEE Latex double column format.

Rules And Regulations

- The abstract must be mailed to by 10th February, 2019.
- Oral Presentation with Power Point for a maximum of 6 minutes.
- Question and answer session by the judges for 1 minute.
- Time restrictions should be strictly adhered to as any extension can lead to deduction of marks.
- Any number of teams can participate from a college.
- The registering teams are required to have a valid photographed ID of their respective institution along with the PID.
- The paper presented must be original.
- Papers submitted can be review papers or papers written after a certain amount of original research.
- The event organizers’ decision will be final in all matters.
- Team limit: 3

Judgement Criteria

- Judgment will be carried out on the basis of presentation skill and creativity on poster.
- The rules and regulations must be followed, failing which, the team could be disqualified.
- The decision taken by the judges stands final.

Organizers Details

Navitha Rodrigues
+91 7483816761

+91 8762414702

+91 7411546433

Prathiksha K
+91 8296367881