Hunt & Sketch

About The Event

A vision in mind set to reality, a picture you build on for the others to believe. We present to you - Hunt & Sketch.

Event Details

Round 1: Preliminary
- Crossword will be given based on general and civil engineering topics.
Round 2: Finale
- This round consists of a treasure hunt where the participants will be given certain clues and tasks to perform.
- After the treasure hunt the participants will be given certain data
- According to the given data, the participants should plan and sketch the data on the computer.

Rules And Regulations

- It is mandatory for every member to have a PID.
- Each team consists of utmost 2 members.
- There can be any number of entries per college.
- Confirmation of registration before the commencement of the event is mandatory at the event venue.
- Usage of mobile phone is prohibited

Judgement Criteria

- The judgement is based on fulfilling the given criteria.
- Decision of judges is final and irrevocable.

Organizers Details

Mahammad Asrar
+91 8496977694

Naveen Kumar
+91 6362434569

KrithikaG Rao
+91 9482572710