About The Event

“What good is an idea if it remains an idea? Try. Experiment. Iterate. Fail. Try again. Change the world.” – Simon Sinek
Presenting Hackcridea, the Hackathon of Incridea. If you have an idea big or small and want to experiment it out along with your mates and caffeine, Hackcridea is the event for you. Bring your idea into reality within 24 hours, and have a lot of fun doing it. All you really need is a will to have continuous fun for 24 hours straight. The added benefit of having fun is the opportunity to win amazing cash prizes.
So get Hacking!

Event Registration

Hackcrides required you to submit team details and an idea prior to the event.
Your team will be contacted by Febuary the 11th if you are idea is shortlisted to be presented in Hackcridea.
Idea Submission is FREE of cost.
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Event Details

Theme: Innovation in any field of engineering or technology.
Round 1: Idea Submission and Selection
Phase 1:
Online Phase - Every team will be given a deadline before which they need submit an innovative idea on which they will be working on.
Phase 2:
Selection Phase - 20 teams will be selected by the Selection Panel, and be given a chance to participate in the onsite hackathon at Incridea 2019.

Round 2: Prototype Building
The selected teams will be allotted 24 hours to build/develop a working prototype. Based on continuous evaluation and completion of the working prototype/model, 10 teams will be selected for the final round.

Round 3: Presentation
The Teams will be presenting their Ideas along with their working prototype built in Round 2 (Prototype Building Phase).
Prizes will be awarded for the first and second positions

Rules And Regulations

- Only the shortlisted teams of Round 1 are eligible to participate in Round 2.
- Travel charges to the venue i.e., NMAMIT must be borne by the participants.
- Only 24 hours will be provided to build the prototype.
- Already built product/taking help from other people will lead to disqualification.
- Open source libraries can be used, provided the library has a GNU General Public License.
- The decision of the jury will be transparent, final and binding.
- Participants are requested to bring their own hardware and software required to develop the prototype which needs to be verified with the organizers.
- Participants should implement only on those ideas submitted during the online phases by them. If found implementing other ideas, they will be disqualified.
- All necessary requirements for participants shall be provided within the event venue.
- The decision of the organizers and the event coordinators is final.
- Maintaining discipline throughout the event is mandatory and any wrongdoings will lead to disqualification of the entire team or strict action will be taken against them.
- After 10 pm participants will not be allowed to go out unless they are accompanied by event organizers/volunteers.
- All kinds of intoxicants at the event venue (or inside the campus) is banned.
- Organizers decision will be considered final for any conflicts which may arise before or during the event.

Judgement Criteria

Online Phase
- Level of Creativity and Innovation
- Originality of idea
- Implementation in the real world
- Clarity of idea

Prototype Building
- Creativity and Innovation
- Usefulness/Practicality
- Functionality and Features
- Business Potential
- Market Feasibility

Team And Registration Details

- Minimum 2 and Maximum 4 members per team.
- Registration fee: Rs.100 per member.
- Global Registration is necessary for the shortlisted teams.
- The team must register through the website form provided for the event.
- Teams formed from different institutes are contestable as long as each one of them has a valid photo ID of their respective institutes.
- The changes related to registration details will be notified and updated soon on the Incridea Website.

Organizers Details

Amar Prabhu
+91 8277404585

Kritika Shetty
+91 9893109924

Aditya Shenoy Y
+91 9060923222

Sachin Prabhu
+91 8277487857