Feet of Fire

About The Event

Dance, a universal language where music and movement combine to tell a story. Sway with the hearts in the clouds and feet on the ground to ignite a fire within you. So be ready to tap at the "feet of fire" to crank the tunes and rise out of the body to spread the magic!

Event Details

- Eastern group dance
Contemporary, Freestyle, Bollywood, Broadway Jazz, all Ballroom styles, Classical, folk.
- Western group dance
Hip-Hop, B-Boying, Locking-Popping-Breaking, Whacking.

Rules And Regulations

- Team limit: 6-20 members.
- It is mandatory for every member in the group to have the College ID and PID.
- The participants should adhere to a particular dance style that is, either eastern or western. The style must be intimated to the organizers of the event prior to the performance.
- The participants must be ready at the venue at least 45 minutes before the commencement of the event.
- The music has to be submitted to the organizers in CD/USB Flash Drive, 30 minutes before the event.
- Time duration for the performance will be 5+2 minutes (performance + stage setting).
- Any kind of vulgarity will lead to instant elimination.

Judgement Criteria

Judging will be based on different aspects for both the styles.
- Western: Choreography, coordination, expressions, creativity, originality and overall impact.
- Eastern: Choreography, presentation, synchronisation, expressions, incorporation of the theme, costumes and overall impact.
- Decision of judges is final and irrevocable.
- First and second prize will be separately awarded for eastern style and western style.

Organizers Details

Arunima Raveendran
+91 9946196668

Suprith Jain
+91 9741850712

Swetha G Nair
+91 7892674505

Sreelakshmi V M
+91 8281923431