Dumb Charades

About The Event

Although reminiscent of the good ol’ days where we’d sit in class and gesture entire stories to our best friends when the teacher wasn’t looking, Dumb Charades is more than just a game. It’s a test of how well you’re able to understand your friends and how much you’re able to communicate without uttering a single word.

Event Details

There are three rounds.
Fun round: List of actions
Bollywood round: Movies
Final dumb round: Surprise!
Round 1:
In a team of 2/3, one must act out the clues without using props or words while their teammates guess the answer. Before enacting, the actor should memorise the list of words given in 30 seconds and no further chance shall be given to see the list. Each team will have 60 seconds time to enact and guess the answer.
The team which answers the maximum number of words will be selected for second round.
Round 2:
In this round, two movie names are given to each team and they will have 60 seconds time to enact and guess the right answer.
Based on the time taken and correct answers, teams for the final round shall be selected.
Final round:
In this round, teams will have to guess the movie dialogue or song (max time will be 3 minutes).

Rules And Regulations

- Global registration is mandatory.
- Accommodation will be provided, subject to availability and confirmation by the organizers.
- Any number of teams per college.
- Three members in a team.
- The goal is to correctly guess more number of clues in less amount of time than the other teams. No pointing to objects or people, no lip movement is entertained.

Judgement Criteria

Judging criteria is based on maximum number of clues guessed in minimum time and the decision taken by the judge is final.

Organizers Details

Puneeth R Shettigar
+91 9611347972

Raksha R Puranik
+91 8197521277

+91 7996780973

Aishwarya Biradar
+91 8277112468