About The Event

If you think you have the ability to stir the quantitative and qualitative quotient in you to bring up a reaction in the elements we provide you with, then Dexter’s Laboratory is awaiting you.

Event Details

Round 1 (Prelims):
The first round will be of comprise of basic questions about chemistry. The top 10 teams will be selected for the second round.
Round 2:
It will be a treasure hunt where participants need to solve a puzzle and reach the experimental setup. The top 5 teams qualify to the finals.
Round 3 (Finale): In this round the participants are required to perform some experiments related to chemistry. Materials and experimental procedures will be provided.

Rules And Regulations

- Any number of teams from a college is allowed.
- The participants will be required to get their own stationery items and necessary material for the first round.
- Items required for the subsequent rounds will be provided.
- Team limit: 2

Judgement Criteria

- Each round will have its own judging criteria.
- The top 10 teams scoring highest marks will get selected for the second round.
- In the second round, the top 5 teams that finish the puzzle will be selected for the finale.
- The finals will be judged by the particular judges for each team.

Organizers Details

Prekshananda A A
+91 9480126036

Dikshita Adyanthaya
+91 9108242649

Anushri U
+91 9449504500

Deeksha D Saripalla
+91 7353966389