Da vinci

About The Event

“The artist sees what others catch only a glimpse of”, said the great Da Vinci. Come, bring your strokes alive on the canvas to create a masterpiece!

Event Details

In this event, participants will be given a topic on the spot. The sketch/painting is to be submitted to the organizers within a given time.

Rules And Regulations

- It is mandatory for the participant to have the PID.
- Solo entries only.
- There can be any number of entries per college.
- Topic will be given on the spot.
- Participants should bring their materials of their own.
- Papers will be provided by the organizers.
- Oil, water or poster colours (only for painting) are permitted.
- Pencil sketches are also allowed.
- Decision of judges is final and irrevocable.

Judgement Criteria

Participants will be judges based on their creativity, skills and overall presentation. Implementation of the topic.

Organizers Details

Cliona Dsouza
+91 9538982945

Ashwini Prabhu B
+91 7026254984

Meghana J Shetty
+91 8105663287