Couture (The Fashion Show)

About The Event

Ever wondered what it might feel like to walk in Adriana Lima’s shoes? Ever felt the need to thrill audiences like Heidi Klum would? Fire up the ramp with your aura and confidence in this battle of beauty and style with panache.

Rules And Regulations

- Teams may participate on invitation only.
- Duration is 10 minutes for the performance only and the time allowed for setting the stage is 5 minutes. (10+5)
- Vulgarity of any kind will lead to disqualification.
- Use of water, fire or any kind of fireworks (party poppers) will lead to immediate disqualification.
- No gender restriction on team constitution.
- Performance should be based on any theme of the team’s choice.
- Any deviation from a fashion related choreography will lead to deduction in score.
- Judgment will be based on coordination, music, confidence, gesture, creativity, garments and accessories.
- Judges’ decision is final.
- Any violation with respect to the campus rules could lead to disqualification.
- Online global registration is mandatory.
- Any sort of intoxication in the campus, green room will lead to disqualification.
- Team Limit: 12 + 4

Organizers Details

Divith Vishwanath
+91 8197139657

Shivani R Nath
+91 8792884075

Shibani Bhandary
+91 9663621581