Computer Warfare

About The Event

“Decrypt the code and the treasure is yours”
Hold up your armours as the war is coming. War rushed with ambiguous brain-racking puzzles yet tangled with lots of fun. Sharpen your brain as the event evaluates your technical and intellectual knowledge as well as your presence of mind.

Event Details

Round 1: The Prelims
It consists of written objective questions based on basic computer knowledge and also a few fun-filled tasks.

Round 2: Pictionary
Each team will be given simple technical words. One member has to draw it and the other one should guess it.

Round 3: Hunt the hint
- Consists of two stages
- In the first stage, the participants will have to solve a Sudoku puzzle from which they get a numeric answer, which helps them progress in the game.
- The second stage is a PC treasure hunt where basic knowledge of the computer will lead you to the treasure!

Rules And Regulations

Round 1: - Participants will be given only 35 minutes to finish the round.
- Only on answering the questions correctly, or with the next best answer, will the participants be allowed to go to the next round.
- Completion of tasks carries additional points.
- Use of any electronic gadgets leads to disqualification.

Round 2: - Participants cannot use alphabets or words to express meaning.
- Should not use body language or lip movements to portray the word.
- Each duo gets 3 minutes for guessing as many words as possible.

Round 3: - Only on solving the first stage and the Sudoku puzzle are the participants allowed to play the PC treasure hunt.
- A time limit will be given.
- The path to the treasure is through a series of password protected folders.
- Each folder will have a clue to the next folder.
- There will be 10 questions and 10 tasks. The answer to each question is the name of the next folder and the solution of the corresponding task is the password.
- The rules for every task will be given in detail within the folder.
- All the names of the folders and passwords have to be written on a sheet and submitted to the volunteers.
- Some tasks require a paper and a pen. Those solutions are to be submitted to volunteers, failing to do so will result in marks being deducted.
- Players will be disqualified if found making use of cell phones to find hints or found using the search facility in the computer.
- The team that finds the treasure first, wins!

Judgement Criteria

- Every round will have specific judging criteria.
- For all 3 rounds, the judgement would be based on the completion of the task.
- The decision of the organisers is final and irrevocable.
- Any number of teams from a college is allowed.
- Team limit: 2

Organizers Details

Nitin Kishore
+91 9449036694

Nitisha Shetty
+91 7022261250

Sushanth Kille
+91 7760844991

Preethi M Shenoy
+91 9482236580