Code Studio

About The Event

A jumble of keywords, a huddle of semicolons, a cluster of functions and so much more, do you have it in you to build a path towards your goal? To put your coding skills to test, here’s presenting Code-Studio - a team event that explores coding, technical and enacting skills of every individual participant.

Event Details

Round 1: Blind coding
In this round, every team is given a problem statement and they have to code a solution for it with the monitor switched off and compile and execute the code. Based on how much the user accomplishes, points will be awarded.

Round 2: Code gambling
In this round, the teams will be given a set of questions with associated points and difficulty level. They can gamble with the other teams for points.

Round 3: Coding
A problem will be presented and the most efficient execution of the code will get the highest points.

Rules And Regulations

- The team must consist of utmost 2 members.
- No use of mobile phones or any other unscrupulous activity allowed.
- Any number of teams from a college is allowed.

Judgement Criteria

- Depending on the rules for each round, scores will be awarded to the participants.
- The decision of the judges is final and irrevocable.

Organizers Details

Pranam R Betrabet
+91 7349113044

Pallavi Nayak
+91 8277388730

Vishnukrishnan M
+91 8606741943

Shreya Chowdhury
+91 7003220109

Prashanth Nayak
+91 9945789720