About The Event

A race against time to assemble a gravity-defying edifice as balanced as a trapeze artist on a tightrope. Do you have the skills to be the one true Cardomania champ?

Event Details

Round 1: Preliminary Round
- Each team consists of 3 members.
- 25 questions will be given on the spot with options.
- Time allotted is 30 minutes.
- Top 25 teams will qualify for the next round.
Round 2: Pyramid construction
- Any 2 members from each team should participate.
- Each of the teams will be given 1 deck of cards.
- A pyramid has to be built within the given time.
- Stop watch is started as soon as the cards are given.
- In case of a tie, tie breaker round will be added.
Round 3: Finals
- 3 decks of cards and other sufficient materials will be provided to the selected teams
- Minimum height will be specified on the spot.
- Every team is free to construct their own designs.

Rules And Regulations

- Each team consists of utmost 3 members.
- Teams must register online prior to the event.
- Confirming registration on the spot is compulsory.
- College ID and PID are compulsory.
- Usage of extra materials other than those provided is prohibited.
- Duration will be of 3 hours.

Judgement Criteria

- Evaluations will be done soon after the prelims. Final round evaluations are based on height, aesthetic view and loading factor.
- A decision of judges is final and irrevocable.

Organizers Details

Manoj R
+91 8904593916

Dhanya B R
+91 9483826169

Raveena R