CADD Mania

About The Event

World of designing is running more than the speed of light. Now it’s time to express your imagination power. The battle has begun, so challenge your mind. If you are mad for cad so here “CADD Mania” is challenging your designing brilliance.

Event Details

- Each team shall be given two computers (or three, based on availability).
- Participants can use either PTC - Creo or Solid edge v19.
- There will be only ONE round.
- Time duration is 3 hours.
- A completed assembly will be displayed for the first 15 minutes.
- Each team will get 2D part details and dimensions on a sheet of paper.

Rules And Regulations

- Any number of teams are allowed from a college.
- Each member of the team must have a valid Photo ID of their respective institution.
- Participants should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the commencement of the event.
- Any team trying to hack into other computers or the server shall be disqualified.
- Any team helping another team in any way during the event shall be disqualified.
- Participants will be provided with a rough sheet. They may bring calculators, if necessary.
- Participants are required to save their files as:
Folder 1: 3D part files of each solid component.
Folder 2: 2D draft and 3D assembly file of the final assembled product.
The above three folders should be placed in a folder with team number as the folder name
- Team limit: 3

Judgement Criteria

- Completion of the entire assembly and drafting would in itself, be the prime judgment criteria.
- Dimensions should be placed as shown in the 2D printouts given.
- Distinct amount of thickness should be given to the lines in the drafts.
- The decision of the judges shall be final and irrefutable.

Organizers Details

Yashwin K
+91 7899675331

+91 7090130764

Anush R Amin
+91 8861516363

Harshith Kumar
+91 9481775933