Burn And Run

About The Event

If you’re a tech enthusiast who loves chipsets and motherboards, this event is for you. Come, code and compile. The microprocessor awaits in burn and run.

Event Details

Preliminary Round:
- The participants shall be given 35 questions about the microcontroller.
- The time allotted for this round is 45 minutes.

Final Round: - A problem question related to Arduino or 8051 interfacing will be given.
- Participants are expected to write the code using Kiel and burn the hex file to get the desired output.
- The time allotted for this round is 1 hour.

Rules And Regulations

- Global registration is mandatory. Spot registrations are allowed.
- Use of mobile phones is prohibited.
- Usage of calculator is permitted.
- The event organizer’s decision will be final in all matters.

Judgement Criteria

Online Phase
- Level of Creativity and Innovation
- Originality of idea
- Implementation in the real world
- Clarity of idea

Prototype Building
- Creativity and Innovation
- Usefulness/Practicality
- Functionality and Features
- Business Potential
- Market Feasibility

Team And Registration Details

- Team limit: 2.
- In the preliminary round, each question carries one mark. Hence, maximum marks that can be obtained by a team are 35.
- Top 6 teams will be selected for the final round.
- In the event of a tie, a tie-breaker question will be identified and the team which gets the correct answer for that question will be eligible for the final round.
- In the final round, teams are judged based on three criteria- time taken by the team, size of code and clarity of the output.
- Based on this, the winner, first runner up and second runner up teams will be selected.

Organizers Details

Soubhagya A
+91 9449910263

Anup Shetty
+91 8722916862

Dhanush Acharya
+91 7996892529

Kelwin Crasta
+91 9449093709