About The Event

Knowledge, happiness, purity and piety cannot come from outside, they are always within you. A bhajan always helps purify the mind, soul and body.

Rules And Regulations

- Every team must consist of 5 to 8 members.
- A Bhajan can be sung with or without accompanying Indian musical instruments.
- A person can participate only in one team. If found participating in more than one team, it will lead to disqualification of both the teams
. - The duration must be 8 to 10 minutes. Additional 4 mins will be given for stage setup.
- Marks will be given for quality of singing (sur, raaga and tal), coordination with instruments, selection of Bhajans, teamwork and dress code.
- Bhajans can be of any Indian language.
- Participants must possess the PID card as well as their respective college ID.

Judging Criteria

The judgement is based on the quality of singing, involvement and synchronization (with other singers and instruments), selection of Bhajans, dress code, creativity and overall performance.

Organizers Details

Divya Dayanand
+91 8147439207

Kruthika Narendra Nayak
+91 9663650927

Viraj Adiga T R
+91 9481447750

Shravan R Pai
+91 9483917341