Battle It Out

About The Event

Think you have unlocked the mysteries of the sophisticated computer system? "Battle IT out", an event that tests your ever-growing knowledge about hardware and tickles your software senses. Solve a series of quizzes, wire through system designs and code your way to glory.

Event Details

Round 1:
- It consists of aptitude round and also a few tasks.
- The questionnaire consists of 20 questions (both technical and non-technical).
- This a written round with questions that are to be attempted in 30 minutes.
- Each question carries 1 mark and has no negative marking.
- The difficulty level will vary from easy to medium, with or without options
- 15 teams will qualify for the next round.
Round 2:
- The participants must hunt for the hotspots of our volunteers placed at 4 different locations around the campus.
- Then they have to go to the mentioned location and connect to the hotspot. The volunteer will then give the clue for the next location.
- The top 10 participants who complete this task at the earliest will qualify to the next round.
Round 3:
- A DSD (Digital System Design) related problem will be given. Given the circuit diagram, the circuit needs to be realised in the least amount of time.
- Bonus rounds offer points that can be earned by guessing the logos of certain IT companies.
- Top 6 teams qualify for the final round.
Round 4:
- This is the final round, which will have sub-rounds, the rules for which will be explained by the quiz master.
- Each sub-round will have different marking criteria. Each wrong answer will have negative marking.
- Overall, the questions will be in a range from moderate to difficult.
- The team with the highest number of points at the end of the final round wins.
Note: In case there is a tie between two teams, a separate set of questions will be kept handy. Questions will be fired at the teams and the first team to answer it correctly will win.

Rules And Regulations

- Teams must consist of 2 members each.
- Teams must register prior to the event.
- College ID and PID are compulsory
- Usage of Mobile phones (except round 2) is strictly prohibited.
- Any team found using the same during the course of the quiz will be disqualified immediately.
- Organizer’s decision, based on inputs from the Quiz Master, is final and they maintain rights to make small changes to the event format during Incridea, for the benefit of both fest and the participants.

Judgement Criteria

- The judging criteria for the rounds will be mentioned during the event.
- For the final round, quiz master’s decision is final.

Organizers Details

Pratheeksha Pai
+91 7738074778

+91 8762598063

Amritha S
+91 9481863319

Chaithra Kotian
+91 8951298078