Anti-static 7.0

About The Event

Are you the ultimate electronics geek? Do you want to test your circuit building skills? Then get ready for Anti-Static 7.0 because ‘Doping’ is legal here.

Event Details

Round 1: The Prelims
- This round will be an aptitude and technical, pen and paper test consisting of 30 questions to be solved in an hour.
Round 2:‘It’s Circuitritious’
- In this round, the top 20 teams will have to solve a problem statement given to them.
- They will have to design 2 circuits within 45 minutes and simulate the designed circuits.
Round 3: The Technical treasure hunt
- In this round, the top 10 qualified teams will have to compete with one another to solve clues or a logical problem.
Round 4: “If you rig it, you wig it”
- The final round will have the top 5 teams of the previous round competing to build a circuit and show the exact output in the earliest possible time.

Rules And Regulations

- Use of the internet or any kind of reading materials/text books will be strictly prohibited in the first 3 rounds.
- Use of calculator for prelims is prohibited.
- Use of the internet will be permitted only during the final round.
- Participants are expected to abide by the basic ethical norms.
- Participants are requested to get their laptop for round 2.
- Team limit : 3

Judgement Criteria

Participants will be judged based on their performance by the organizers. In case of any complications, the faculty coordinator would intervene to judge the qualifier rounds.

Organizers Details

+91 7259415133

Apoorva Shenoy
+91 9741523763

Shivaprasad Shetty
+91 9071099706

Vibha Kishore
+91 9731834860